27 June 2019 / Sagaan Sag at BOZAR, Brussels

27 June 2019 / Sagaan Sag at BOZAR, Brussels — Elena Anosova is an award-winning visual artist

Opening 27/06/2019, 19:00

At the BOZAR Center for Fine Arts in Brussels, will be the exhibition The Twelfth Time Zone: A Contemporary Art Report from Russia organized by NEMOSKVA, where will be shown the big part of my work about the centuries-long landscape Olkhon Island — Sagaan Sag. I began this work unconsciously in 2012 and I hope I will continue. The exhibition will be until September 2019


17 June 2019 / A Name for the Tree at KulturKontakt Austria AIR, Vienna

Opening the exhibition of the residents in KulturKontakt Austria AIR, Concordiaplatz 2, Vienna. I will show a part of the new work

Sculpture and drawings for Urgent Perspectives #3, Aacollections Gallery, Vienna

For Urgent Perspectives #3, Elena Anosova develops a sculpture that refers to the historical context and the original function of a well, which also served as the public meeting place of the villagers

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