Scintillation at New Wing Gogol`s house, Moscow until 26 May 2019


Until 26 May at New Wing Gogol`s house on Nikitsky Boulevard, Moscow you can see the exhibition ShotList curated by Denis Mustafin. There will be shown my work Scintillation about Baikal, Olkhon, morphology and the Fox.


27 June 2019 / Sagaan Sag at BOZAR, Brussels

Sagaan Sag will be shown at the exhibition The Twelfth Time Zone: A Contemporary Art Report from Russia organized by NEMOSKVA

17 June 2019 / A Name for the Tree at KulturKontakt Austria AIR, Vienna

Opening the exhibition of the residents in KulturKontakt Austria AIR, Concordiaplatz 2, Vienna. I will show a part of the new work

Sculpture and drawings for Urgent Perspectives #3, Aacollections Gallery, Vienna

For Urgent Perspectives #3, Elena Anosova develops a sculpture that refers to the historical context and the original function of a well, which also served as the public meeting place of the villagers

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