Originally hailing from the picturesque region of Baikal, artist Elena Anosova (born in 1983) 
is currently based in Moscow and Irkutsk.

Anosova’s work is centered around lives of women in closed institutions. 
The impulse of research of such communities arose in a reflection of her teenage period
spent at the closed rehabilitation boarding school. She would like to takes a closer look
at the dynamic interplay of processes of isolation and surveillance, at unique qualities
of emotional and social relationships within restrictions of artificially insulated societies.
Also Elena Anosova works with subjects of borders, identity and collective memory
in the territory of Siberia and Russian Far East.


2016 Angkor Photo Festival Workshop by Anthony D'Agata / Siem Reap, Cambodia

2016 ISSP Photography as a starting point of infinite possibilities by Anouk Kruithof / Riga, Latvia

2013-2016 The Rodchenko Art School / Moscow, Russia

2013 and 2014 Workshop by Hannes Wanderer «Turn Your Project Into A Great Photobook» / Moscow, Russia

2001-2006 Graduate diploma in Technology of art processing of materials / Irkutsk, Russia


2017 LensCulture Exposure Awards / 1st place series

2017 World Press Photo / Daily Life, 2d prize stories

2016 Photogrvphy Grant / Story, 1st place 

2016 Center Project Launch / Grant Winner 

2016 Andrei Stenin International Press Photo contest / 1st place 

2016 MACK First Book Award / Shortlist 

2016 Portraits – Hellerau Photography Award / 1st place 

2015 V annual World.Report Award – Documenting Humanity / Spot Light Award

2015 Direct Look photo contest, FOTODOC Center for Documentary Photography at Sakharov center / 3d place

2015 Andrei Stenin International Press Photo contest / Grand Prix and 1st place

2015 Contest «Young Photographers of Russia,» / Winner 

2015 Baltic Biennale «Photomania» / Documentary, 1st place 

Personal exhibitions

2016 «Section», Photo-Eye Gallery / Santa Fe NM, USA

2016 «Section», Galleria Passante in Porta Venezia / Milan, Italy

2015 «Polite Fish», CCA ZARYA / Vladivostok, Russia

2015 «Section» / Moscow, Russia

Group exhibitions

2016 Exhibition «Mithologique», Metenkov's House / Yekaterinburg, Russia

2016 Kolga Tbilisi Photo / Tbilisi, Georgia

2015 Fotoistanbul Festival / Istanbul, Turkey

2015 Exhibition «Space Siberia» / Barnaul, Russia

2015 Exhibition «Silver Camera» / Moscow, Russia

2014 Vienna Photobook Festival, «Radar Moscow» / Vienna, Austria


2015 ZARYA Artist-in-Residence, Vladivostok

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